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Compared apples to apples on who is your best companies in the maket.

When you need a team that knows exactly what to do 5 Star Janitorial Inc. Is your team. Reliable and knowledge personal at your service. All of our personnel are highly trained and knowledgeable on what we do. With the most uptodate technology and some of the best cleansers in the market that won’t hurt… Read more »

Making a decision on who to hire to clean your building.

Hiw many times have you ever gone in to the internet and ask your self is this janitorial service the right fit to clean my office or building? We at 5 Star Janitorial Inc have the solution for you. 1. We screen all of our crews. 2. We droug screen all of our crews. 3…. Read more »

Why choose 5 Star Janitorial Inc. Over others.

5 Star Janitorial Inc. is the only company in the industry that promised the job will be done to the coustumer satisfaction. 5 Star Janitorial Inc. Has been in buisness since 1999 and has stand up to its name making client’s happy about their experiences that have received. Working hand on hand with every one… Read more »

How we distinguish our self from the others.

We treat every job with the same responsibility and professionalism as if it was a large building small office space. With a full staff of people train and over seeing every detail at its best. Not only that with safety meeting conducted regularly to encourage and increase the ability of everyone working with 5 Star… Read more »

Best janitorial services in your area.

Full Service We handle office cleaning, storefront cleaning, construction worksite cleanup, restaurant cleaning, bar cleaning, and much more. We can take on virtually any space with floor waxing, carpet cleaning, sanitizing, mopping and a wide range of other janitorial cleaning services. 

Janitorial services

When you need a job done to perfection, you specify The Best of the Best. We at 5 Star Janitorial Inc specialize in nothing but the best trained cleaning professionals that will reliably get your office space sparkling clean. Call us today for a free personal quote. 909 233-5135

Window washing.

Window washing can be possible the biggest challenge for your business. One way to prevent having scum and built up is to have a proffesional window cleaning services came out to your location 1 to 2 times per year to clean them. We have been in the buisness of janitorial services and window cleaning since… Read more »

A Clean Business is a Healthy Business

Want less stress at work? Want less absenteeism? Then make cleanliness a priority if you want a healthier business overall. Have you ever visited an office that hadn’t emptied its garbage cans in a long time? Or one whose carpets were full of mud, crumbs and stains? What was the impression you got? Running a… Read more »