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Janitorial Services for Commercial Businesses

As the old adage goes, a first impression leaves a lasting impression. As such, it’s essential that that businesses consistently maintain a clean workplace that leaves a favorable impression on customers and employees alike. Conversely, one of the most surefire ways to have someone form a negative opinion about your company is to have a dirty or unkempt workplace. It could be dirty floors, dusty fixtures or tainted windows that causes someone to wonder if a business is “on top of things.”

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services in Ontario, CA

Janitorial Cleaning Luckily, 5 Star Janitorial is here to help. We provide commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA, and we have the staff, expertise and equipment needed to handle all your commercial cleaning needs. In fact, our hardworking team does office cleaning, storefront cleaning, construction work-site cleanup, restaurant cleaning, bar cleaning, and much more. We can take on virtually any space with floor waxing, carpet cleaning, sanitizing, mopping and a wide range of other janitorial cleaning services. Whether you need a one-time clean or regular cleanings to keep your business looking neat and professional, 5 Star Janitorial can do the job.

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When customers walk into your business, their first impression is often influenced by the cleanliness of the building. Customers will look at carpets, windows, furniture, floors, and so forth. If these details are clean, customers will notice. Your business will appear well-organized and well-managed. If customers notice dirty carpets, scuffed floors, and dirty windows, your business will appear disorganized and unattended. Customers might assume that your business would provide low service if you can’t seem to upkeep your own. By hiring a regular cleaning service, you will keep your business looking its best, avoiding poor first impressions. Our cleaning staff covers the smallest details, from dusting the corners and getting rid of scuffs on the floor.

We know business owners and employees have a ton on their plate, which is why we want to make certain that having a clean work space is the least of their worries. With our commercial cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing we will have your office or work area looking pristine.

Our staff is comprised of professional and courteous cleaning crews that work diligently to ensure that we will not only meet expectations, but also exceed them. Each team is thoroughly trained to make certain they will have the knowledge and equipment to handle nearly any type of job. As evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it’s clear that we consistently exceed expectations, which is why many of our clients are long-term or repeat clients.

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Ultimately, we will work closely with you to create a custom cleaning plan that suits your company’s specific needs, and stays well within your budget. You have enough to worry about when running a business; let us take care of making sure your workplace looks great!

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5 Star Janitorial was founded through hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit. Business Owner, Jose Guerra, started 5 Star Janitorial after working ten years in the armored truck division before he decided to go into business for himself in 1999. At the time his girlfriend, who is now his wife, supported him and also joined the business. In fact, she quit her job in order to join in his effort and together they formed 5 Star Janitorial. As they expanded, Guerra hired a few family members and made 5 Star Janitorial a family owned and operated business. Pleased with the overall service and incredible results, customers kept coming back and started recommending the business to others. The business kept growing and as of 2005, Guerra hired more employees. There are now a total of 19 employees at 5 Star Janitorial, making the business a close-knit, trusted group of employees that cleans 250,000 square feet daily. Sixty percent of our business comes from repeat customers who started working with us after hearing great reviews from friends. We are proud to have the trust and approval of our customers and we work hard to maintain that every day.

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We serve businesses throughout Ontario and a 40 mile surrounding radius. There are virtually no businesses that we cannot work with. We have the equipment, cleaning materials, and expertise to complete any job. If you are a manufacturing company, we can keep your front office neat and make sure that work areas are clean and safe.  If you are a retail store, we can remove dust, debris, and clean windows to ensure your store presents as chic and clean. If you are a restaurant, we can assist you in maintaining a sanitary cooking space, remove moisture that attracts mold, and remove any debris from the dining area. In your commercial office space, we can keep carpet or tile floors clean, remove dust to ensure good air quality, and sanitize working spaces without disturbing documents.

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Our family owned business features a staff comprised of professional and courteous cleaning crews who work diligently to ensure we will not only meet expectations, but also exceed them. We know business owners and employees have a ton on their plate, which is why we want to make certain that having a clean work space is the least of their worries.  As evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we consistently go above and beyond for our customers, and we work closely with them to create a custom cleaning plan for their needs.


Workplace cleanliness will not only give customers confidence in your business, but will also help reduce workplace illness. From making good first impressions to keeping employees safe, maintaining a dirt and dust free workplace will improve all aspects of your business. We welcome the opportunity to help you make your workplace look pristine.


5 Star Janitorial has built a trusted reputation over the course nearly 20 years.  If you need reliable commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA, then call 5 Star Janitorial at 909-233-5135.

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