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Janitorial Services for Commercial Businesses

As the old adage goes, a first impression leaves a lasting impression. As such, it’s essential for businesses to consistently maintain a clean workplace that leaves a great impression on both their customers and their employees. 5 Star Janitorial provides you with the commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA you need to keep your business neat and organized. We take care of dirty floors, dusty fixtures, smudged windows, and anything else that might make people wonder if your business is on top of things.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services in Ontario, CA

Janitorial Cleaning

5 Star Janitorial has been offering commercial janitorial cleaning services for two decades. We have the staff, the expertise, and the equipment needed to handle all your commercial cleaning needs. Our hardworking team routinely provides office cleaning, storefront cleaning, construction worksite cleanup, restaurant cleaning, bar cleaning, and more. We take on the cleaning in almost any space by providing floor waxing, carpet cleaning, sanitizing, mopping, and a wide range of other janitorial cleaning services. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular cleanings to keep your business looking up to par, 5 Star Janitorial has you covered.

Commercial Cleaning Services We Provide in Ontario, CA

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  • Carpet Cleaning: We prevent you from having to replace carpeting anytime soon by getting rid of stains and restoring the life in your older carpets.
  • Commercial Cleaning: We provide a long list of commercial janitorial cleaning services, including vacuuming, dusting, trash pickup, window washing, floor waxing, and more.
  • Concrete Cleaning & Pressure Washing: We pressure wash interior and exterior concrete surfaces and provide pressure washing for other surfaces and equipment, too.
  • Construction Cleanup: We clean up construction worksites following remodeling and renovation jobs to make businesses look presentable again.
  • Office Cleaning: We dust desks, wipe down phones, empty trash cans, vacuum carpeting and upholstered furniture, and clean every other aspect of office spaces.
  • Floor Waxing: We polish tile, marble, granite, linoleum, and concrete floors until they shine.
  • Janitorial Cleaning: We keep stores and offices looking their best by washing windows, polishing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and more.

Commercial Janitor Cleaning

Ultimately, we will work closely with you to create a custom cleaning plan that suits your company’s specific needs, and stays well within your budget. You have enough to worry about when running a business; let us take care of making sure your workplace looks great!

Cleaning Services in Southern California

5 Star Janitorial was founded through hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit. Owner Jose Guerra started 5 Star Janitorial in 1999 after spending 10 years working in the armored truck industry. At the time, Jose’s girlfriend, who is now his wife, supported him by joining the business herself after quitting her job to help Jose launch 5 Star Janitorial. As the company expanded, Jose also hired several other family members and turned 5 Star Janitorial into a true family owned and operated business.

Over the years, 5 Star Janitorial has kept customers coming back by providing excellent commercial janitorial cleaning services and even better customer service. 5 Star Janitorial has grown a lot and employs 19 people who are responsible for cleaning 250,000 square feet daily. About 60 percent of our business comes from repeat customers who started working with us after hearing great reviews from friends. We’re proud to have the trust and approval of our customers, and we work hard to maintain that every day.

5 Star Janitorial delivers commercial janitorial cleaning services to businesses throughout Ontario, CA and any city within 40 miles. There are virtually no businesses we cannot work with. We have the equipment, the cleaning materials, and the expertise to do whatever your company needs. If you own a manufacturing company, we can keep your front office neat and make sure work areas are clean and safe. If you have a retail store, we remove dust and debris from it and clean windows to ensure your store looks as chic and clean as you want. If you run a restaurant, we can assist you in maintaining a sanitary cooking space, remove moisture that attracts mold, and Window Cleaning keep your dining area spotless. If you manage a commercial office space, we keep carpeting or tile floors clean, remove dust to ensure good air quality, and sanitize workspaces without disturbing documents.

A Cleaning Service for You

Restaurant Cleaning

Workplace cleanliness will not only give customers confidence in your business. It’ll also help reduce workplace illnesses and keep your employees healthier overall. Our commercial janitorial cleaning services boost every aspect of your business and benefit your bottom line in a big way.

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Our family owned business features a staff comprised of professional and courteous cleaning crews who work diligently to ensure we will not only meet expectations, but also exceed them. We know business owners and employees have a ton on their plate, which is why we want to make certain that having a clean work space is the least of their worries.  As evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we consistently go above and beyond for our customers, and we work closely with them to create a custom cleaning plan for their needs.

5 Star Janitorial has built a trusted reputation over the course nearly 20 years.  If you need reliable commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA, then call 5 Star Janitorial at 909-233-5135.

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